Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Photos

I can't say it enough, but I LOVE my Christmas photos this year. (yes that's me shouting)

We don't have drastic season changes in Southern California so I had an idea of having our pictures taken at a local Christmas tree farm to get that "Winter feel." 

Jamie with Sweet Jelly Parties created this adorable shoot. She did an amazing job capturing the essences of Christmas.  OC Portraits was our photographer and captured some memorable shots for us.

I picked up this JOY sign from Home Goods, it was perfect for this setting with that wood grain effect.  Does it look familiar? Its on my front porch now with my DIY birch logs here.  This picture makes my daughter look so innocent even if I know she's a lil mischievous. 

I wanted this cozy coupe set up for my son this year.  I went on a hunt for a used cozy coupe and I doctor'd it up.  

I found a used one for $15.00, what a steal, right? I spray painted it, (Rust-oleum plastic spray paint, it's the best!) added a wreath, tied a tree on top with a bow and it's the perfect picture set up for my lil guy.  This was one of my favorites from the shoot.

I loved how our photographer captured this moment of our lil guy kissing dada.  

Jamie's idea was to have this Candy Cane stand set up too, this was the hardest to get the kids to cooperate for the photographer.  In fact, Grayson even took a face first digger off that chair at one point.  

I wanted one of those pictures where you see the kids walking hand in hand from the back.  Well, that didn't happen.. (Insert sad face) All Gray wanted to do was sit and play with the dirt on the ground.  So my beautiful shot turned into a funny shot of Sissy helping her brother up because he wanted nothing to do with walking at this moment.  But that's ok, I still like this one.

This is our Christmas card from Tiny Prints. I chose this card because of the wood grain that matched the setting of the entire shoot. I added a pearl shimmer to the final product, envelope liner and matching address labels 

I'm very happy with the final product. The cards are nice & thick.  

Right now Tiny Prints is offering some great discounts, so take advantage of these if you can.  

Happy Holidays!

Monday, November 24, 2014

DIY Birch Logs

Today on the blog I'll show you how to make Birch Tree logs for less than $10.00.  Yes, you heard it correctly, less than $10.00.

Supplies needed:

Paint (if you don't wrap the ends)
Pool Noodles
Birch Wrapping Paper

Cut your pool noodles to your size logs you want; surprisingly, they're really easy to cut. Wrap your noodles and with the ends, you can either wrap up like you would a present or cut off the wrapping paper at the top and paint the tops. Easy peasy!

For the final look, I used this crate I had, added fresh Christmas tree branches, (from Trader Joes), cinnamon scented pine cones and two decorative Christmas sprigs (from Hobby Lobby). 

Have fun with it and if you do make them also, I'd love to see pictures of how you display your birch logs.

Monday, November 10, 2014

First Birthday-Silhouette & Bow Tie theme

Today's post is a first birthday party for my lil guy. 
I can't believe I'm actually saying "first birthday". I know every mother feels like this, but he is my last baby; it's more shocking to me now. (Insert crying mama, whaaaa)

All photography was done by the talented Megan Long Photography.  

I decided I wanted to preserve his "baby face innocence", so I went with his silhouette as the main focal point of the party. Tania Fischer Designs created his exact silhouette, she's amazing. I just sent over a picture and wal-lah! This is a close up and then I added the details. 

Choosing colors was pretty easy. His birthday is in October so I wanted to use orange, then I just built around that.  I didn't want just his handsome lil face everywhere so I also incorporated bow ties.  Sweet Jelly Parties helped collaborate with styling and props.

First up for the details the kids table.  I used little favor boxes that were bow ties and looked like a man's shirt.  I had Wendy's Printable Parties create these for me. I also added some fun big nose glasses on the plates. More details included: large bow ties that adorned each chair with each child's initial on them and a silhouette printed bag to hold the utensils that Sweet Jelly Parties printed.

 I had a favor stand set up and I called it the "Grooming Station".  This included stick on mustaches and bow ties to take for each child to take.

Here are some detail shots.

One thing I wanted to have was a donation jar to have all proceeds go to a charity in lieu of gifts for Grayson this year.  The charity I chose was The Confetti Foundation.  So I set up a donation jar and of course had to decorate it to match.  We received a little over $200 in Grayson's name and we couldn't have been happier.

The Dessert table was pretty impressive. Jamie with Sweet Jelly Parties made the Canopy backdrop. I had such lovely artists donate their talent for this and their artistry is just spectacular! The silhouette stamp was made by Jessica Lynn Original who can make just about anything into a stamp. I used this to stamp the to go goodie bags with.

Let's start with the beautiful cake. Mallory with The French Confection Co. made this two tier stunner and it included my lil guy's silhouette.  Mallory also made the Pumpkin Macaroons and Cinnamon Sugar Cookies.  The adorable cake topper in his name and the 1's were by Kylie with Made by a Princess.

These yummy brown sugar and pumpkin cupcakes were by Maeg's Bakes cakes and those adorable toppers with the bow ties and they said, "Grayson" were from Des with [Desi]gn cakes and cupcakes

The very clever and talented Marie with Sweets Indeed made these Candy Kabobs and included Gray's silhouette. Aren't these so cool?

The caramel apples were yummy and these were made by Rosario with Sugar Studio.  The Krispie 1's were from one of my go to gals, Wendy with Cravings by Wendy. These yummy Cake Pops were by Ingrid with Sweets by Gigi

Lastly, but certainly not least the birthday boy and his big sister.

I want to THANK all the AMAZING vendors I used. Lots of them from local areas for Southern California.  I couldn't have pulled this off without you.

Printables + Styling: Just a little Sparkle
Styling Collaboration + Prop Rental: Sweet Jelly Parties
Custom Silhouette Image: Tania Fischer Designs
Silhouette Stamp: Jessica Lynn Original
Printable Bow Tie box: Wendy's Printable Party
Cake Toppers: Made by a Princess
Cake + Cookies + Macaroons: The French Confection Co.
Caramel Apples: Sugar Studio
Krispie 1's: Cravings by Wendy
Candy Kabobs: Sweets Indeed
Cake Pops: Sweets by Gigi
Cupcake toppers: [Desi]gn Cakes & Cupcakes

Friday, October 3, 2014

Sesame Street Birthday

Jamie with Sweet Jelly Parties came to me to design some Sesame Street printables for her friend Megan's daughter's birthday. Megan is a local photographer, Megan Long Photography who photographed the entire party. Great job girls!

You have to see how Jamie styled this adorably sweet party. Also, check out the great shot Megan got of her daughter cruising in her car with the pole in the background, it's the cutest!


You can find the Sesame Street printables in my shop below

Vendor Credits:
Party Printables: Just a little Sparkle
Party Styling: Sweet Jelly Parties
Cookies: Sweets by Gigi
Photography: Megan Long Photography